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VAKTEC group of companies is a dynamically developing enterprise in the field of supplying high tech machines, tools and accessories.

We understand that present day machines consumption determines manufacturability of tomorrow.

When purchasing certain amount of equipment manufacturers renew their current capacities and enhance their possibility to increase production in the future.

High professionalism, competence and decency of VAKTEC company specialists and individual approach to each customer create our corporate identity.


We aim to provide assistance in technical re-equipment and modernization of domestic enterprises and implementation of advanced technologies. 

We offer range of services: from developing workshops and other industrial facilities to supplies of equipment and tooling systems, engineering activities and turn-key services.

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In our domestic market we present the world leading companies in the field of manufacturing high tech metal-working machinery, accessories and tools.  

We are trusted by such companies as:


Our company performs full range of engineering activities including development and implementation of parts processing technologies based on customer issues and also personnel training and probation.
In our activity we implement complex approach to satisfy customer requirements and offer our services for selection and supply of extensive range of high tech equipment: CNC machines, MULTI-TASKING Centers, Turning, Milling, Drilling and other machines, Laser-Cutting Machines, steel sheet precessing machines, tools and accessories.

VAKTEC company regional and foreign representatives are coordinated team aimed at solving main issue: observance of dates and providing quality of supplied products. 

Currently VAKTEC company is preparing for opening engineering center intended to demonstrate equipment, perform test processing, train machine operators and maintenance engineers.

VAKTEC company exclusively represents in Russia one of the leading German machine manufacturing enterprises – OPS-INGERSOLL specializing in manufacturing electroerosion and multiaxial milling machines. 

VAKTEC is official partner of Russian STAN group, which unites leading domestic machine manufacturing enterprises: NPO Stankostroenie, Stankoteh, JSC, Ryazansky stankostroitelny zavod, Ivanovsky zavod tyazhelogo mashinostroenia, Shlifovalnie stanki enterprise.

We present products of these enterprises in the markets of Kazakhstan and other EEU states.

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Previously used equipment is of high demand in the world. Due to long terms of delivery of new equipment the market comes to high stability of demand in the field of previously used equipment.

More than 160 enterprises united in Association of used equipment sellers supply previously used equipment. VAKTEC is an offical member of EAMTM  and cooperates with this Association and its subsidiaries.

This cooperation allows us to satisfy customer request for purchasing equipment of various in-service time beginning from almost new equipment with in-service time of several hundred hours or used as demo at trade shows. All supplied equipment is in operating condition.

Upon customer request we perform diagnostics and provide test card and if necessary we also provide recommendation about replacement of particular units. 

We are the first and only company in Russia to offer previously used equipment from manufacturer MAZAK company and provide at that supervising installation, commissioning, training and service from the manufacturer – MAZAK company.
We hope that soaring strategic alliance between VAKTEC company and the leading Japanese machine manufacturing enterprise MAZAK will become a big boost in developing business in the field of previously used equipment in Russia.

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